Gantt Chart Maker

Gantt Chart Maker is an easy to use tool to create a Gantt chart online. It is 100% free online Gantt chart software for project management. Creating a Gantt chart online is easy with our Gantt chart maker. A Gantt chart is a visual project management tool that illustrates a project's schedule over time. It consists of horizontal bars representing tasks or activities, positioned along a timeline. Each bar's length corresponds to the task duration, and the chart shows task dependencies and progress. The Gantt chart helps project managers and teams plan, coordinate, and track project activities efficiently. It provides a clear overview of tasks, timelines, and milestones, aiding in effective communication and project management.

  • Quickly create a Gantt chart online in minutes
  • Download Gantt chart template in Excel
  • Best Gantt Chart software for everyone.
  • Download Gantt chart as Excel, PDF, Image.
  • Import data from excel and gantt files.

How to Create a Gantt Chart Online

  1. Click on new button to create a custom Gantt chart or import data from Excel file.
  2. Click on add button to add task, timeline, progress, color, and dependency.
  3. Now it will display bar graph with entered details. Drag it to change project timeline, order, tasks, and progress.
  4. List planning, scheduling projects, visualize task dependencies, timelines, and track project progresses you required.
  5. Finally, download your custom Gantt chart in different formats, including excel, PDF, PNG, or gantt file.

Why Choose Us

100% Free and Serverless

Our Gantt Chart Maker tool is completely free, which means you don't need to pay anything to create and save the Gantt charts you were making. No signup required. Moreover, it's a web app, so you don't have to install any extra Gantt software on your desktop. It works locally in your browser and your project data never leaves your device.

Online Gantt Chart Maker

This platform works as an online Gantt chart Maker. With Gantt chart Maker, you have the power to turn your data into meaningful project insights that are easy to understand. You can quickly create Gantt charts with few click in minutes.

Customize Gantt Chart

You can quickly customize Gantt chart bars, tasks, dependencies, timelines, task IDs, remaining and overdue tasks, bar colors, and much more. Change the bar color to match your business brand according to your choice.

Easy and Powerful

Our platform is specially designed to help you easily create a Gantt chart you want. All you need is just add tasks, link dependencies, set timeline, add milestones to track progress as you like and download instantly!

Export in different formats

Download your custom Gantt chart in different formats, including Excel, gantt file, PNG, and PDF.

Works on all devices

This Gantt chart maker is designed to work faster seamlessly on iPhone and Android, as well as on Windows and Mac computers.

Updated on April 17, 2024