Barcode Generator

With free barcode generator, you can easily create a code 128 barcode, UPC barcode, EAN 8 barcode, code 39 barcode, ITF 14 Barcode and codabar barcodes in seconds. Our Barcode Generator is an easy to use tool to create online barcodes. Quickly customize barcodes color, margin, alignment, and font size. Simply select type of barcode you want, enter value, customize and download it in SVG or PNG format.

  • Easily create free barcodes in seconds.
  • Supports different types of barcodes.
  • Customize barcode color, font size, alignment and margin.
  • Download barcode in high quality print as SVG or PNG image.


How to Use Barcode Generator

  1. Select type of barcode: code 128, UPC-A, EAN, code 39, ITF 14 and codabar barcodes.
  2. Enter value according to your choice to visualize your barcode in real time.
  3. Customize your barcode with color, font size, alignment, and more.
  4. Finally, download your barcode in high quality print as a SVG or PNG image.

Why Choose Us

Fully Free and serverless

Our Barcode generator is 100% free for everyone. You can easily create free barcodes online with one click. It works locally in your browser and your barcodes never leaves your device.

Online Barcode Generator

This platform works as an online barcode generator. With this freebarcode generator, you have the power to turn your data into meaningful barcodes that are easy to read.

Variety of Barcode Types

Our platform offers a variety of barcode types, including code 128 barcode, UPC-A barcode, EAN-8 barcode, code 39 barcode, ITF-14 Barcode and codabar barcodes, and many more!

Export in High Quality Print

Download your custom Barcode in high quality print formats, including SVG and PNG.

Customize Barcode Settings

You can change barcode settings to customize barcode color, font size, alignment, and much more. You can even customize the appearance of your barcode value's margin, font size, color and align in horizontal or vertical position.

Easy and Powerful

Our platform is specially designed to help you easily create a barcode you want. All you need is just select type of barcode, enter value, customize it as you like and download instantly!

Updated on June 29, 2024